Carpentry vs. Woodworking – What’s The Difference?

Woodworking should be just what it sounds like; people use wood to create, right? Yes, but you may be surprised to learn that many sub-categories are part of wood-oriented crafting, all of which utilize different skillsets and focuses. And it's [...]

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Can You Use Polyurethane Over Paint?

Polyurethane can help to seal wood and other items for a long-lasting finish. Many ask whether you can use polyurethane over paint as it’s usually used over wood. As a type of plastic, polyurethane can make many items more durable [...]

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What is the Best Wood for Outdoor Decks?

The options for deck wood are endless, but some are better than others. With the right choice, your deck can last longer and improve the atmosphere of your backyard. Both softwoods and hardwoods offer different pros and cons that will [...]

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Can You Paint Pressure Treated Deck Boards?

Pressure-treated wood can be both painted and stained with fantastic results. However, there are a few complications and considerations when it comes to painting your pressure-treated deck boards. Overall, painting the wood can help the wood last longer outdoors and [...]

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How to Replace An Outdoor Faucet or Spigot?

While people rarely think about it, outdoor faucets occasionally break and need to be replaced. A leaky outdoor faucet will cost you money with every single drip and can waste thousands of gallons of water a year! Save yourself money [...]

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Best Laser Levels for Deck Building

Any Craftsman worth their salt has worked with a level before. These classic tools allow you to check to make sure that your work surface is as level as possible, helping you prevent an unwanted slope to your new deck. [...]

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The Top 7 Semi-Transparent Deck Stains Reviewed

Semi-transparent deck stain lasts for an average of two to three years without peeling, and it's easy to clean. Also, reapplication does not require major work like with solid stains. The best feature, though, is semi-transparent stain allows the grain [...]

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