Can You Use Non-Pressure Treated Wood Outside?

Wood that has undergone a pressure treatment is more durable and less susceptible to decaying, infestation, mold, and even water damage. Non-pressure treated wood, however, is susceptible to all of these things and, therefore, will not last as long outside. [...]

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How Long for Paint to Dry Before Polyurethane?

Adding a layer or two of polyurethane over a painted project can protect the surface. However, you need to wait for the paint to dry before applying the polyurethane, or the two can meddle and turn into a mess. When [...]

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How Long Does Polyurethane Take to Dry?

The quick answer to how long polyurethane takes to dry is about day. However, the long answer goes over types of surfaces, drying versus curing time, influencing factors, and much more. Get all the facts to know how long your [...]

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Can You Use Latex Paint Over Oil-Based Primer?

A lot of confusion stems from which paints and primers work together. Most of this confusion comes from issues with water-based and oil-based combinations. Also, many people believe oil-based paints do not mix well with other paints. That being said, [...]

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Choosing the Best Wood for Whittling

Whittling wood is one of the oldest pastimes in history. Whether waiting by a campfire and whittling to pass the time or working on sculpting a beautiful decorative piece for a wooden structure, wood carving hasn’t changed and has been [...]

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