Top Electric Log Splitters

electric log splitter reviewsThere are few things as comforting as a wood fire, but few things as strenuous and monotonous as cutting your own wood. For those first few swings, there’s something almost primal and alluring about the swing of an axe. However, that appeal quickly fades away when your shoulders are feeling like they would rather fall off your body if they could.

The electronic log splitter takes away the work while providing all the firewood you need. The most common varieties include hydraulic splitters, which use incredible force to squeeze a block of wood between a wedge shape and a plate until it gives under the pressure and splits. Electric, or kinetic, instead use flywheels to store power that sends the wedge into the wood at great force.

Here, we’re going to look at some of the best log splitters on the market, both electric and hydraulic, to see which might help you best suit your needs.

1. Boss Industrial ES7T20 Electric Log Splitter

Boss Industrial ES7T20 electric log splitter review

The Boss Industrial ES7T20 Electric Splitter

Boasting a 2 HP Electric Motor that delivers up to 7 tons of splitting force, this electric log splitter is advertised as cutting logs up to 10 inch diameters, but can reliably cut logs with diameters up to 16 inches, even if the logs have to occasionally be turned around to complete the split all the way through. One of the nice features about the Boss Industrial ES7T20 is the one-handed operation. Most electric log splitters require two hands to operate. Not only does the Boss Industrial make it a little more convenient to repeatedly split logs, but it does mean that you have to be extra careful to ensure safe usage.

Electric log splitters tend to work faster than their hydraulic counterparts, but as a result, they are slightly more dangerous. Keeping your hands out of the way of the rapid delivery of power (and the debris that can sometimes shoot out as a result) is crucial. While the single-handed operation makes it easy to use, take care to keep your free hand out of the way of danger. The automatic ram return means you can quickly set up the next log after finishing the last, too.

It effectively handled multiple types of wood, including some hardier options like cedar, fir, and even oak. One minor downside is that it is positioned quite close to the ground, so it’s not the most ergonomic of log splitters, but for the convenience, power, and safety delivered, that’s not too much of a problem.

Notable Features

  • Convenient single-handed controls
  • Powerful, able to deal with harder woods than most
  • Easy-to-use and space-saving
Boss Industrial ES7T20 Electric Log Splitter, 7-Ton
287 Reviews
Boss Industrial ES7T20 Electric Log Splitter, 7-Ton
  • Powerful 2 HP electric motor
  • 7 tons of splitting force
  • Convenient one-Handed operation
  • Automatic ram return
  • 2-year residential warranty.Hydraulic Pressure (psi):3500

2. YARDMAX YS0552 5 Ton Electric Log Splitter

yardmax ys0552 review

The YARDMAX YS0552 5 Ton Electric Log Splitter

The YARDMAX is a slightly cheaper electric log splitter and, as a result, delivers 5 tons of power behind the ram. However, that’s a lot of power for a splitter that’s a much more economic option. It takes slightly longer to cycle the cylinder at 18 seconds compared to the Boss Industrial’s 10 seconds. These differences aren’t a major concern if you’re using wood that’s suitable for the YARDMAX.

It advertises cutting logs up to a diameter of 10 inches in diameter, and this is roughly accurate. It has been able to cut logs with a diameter up to 12 inches, but not too much beyond that. However, it handles soft and hardwoods with ease, despite the seemingly low 5-ton power delivered behind the ram. This includes hemlock, maple, chestnut, beech, and oak

In comparison to the Boss Industrial, the increased height on the YARDMAX thanks to its attachable stand is a welcome change. You’re not going to get a sore back with this one and it offers a little more stability when the splitter is in use. Despite the increased height, it’s incredibly portable, with minimal assembly needed to get it in and out of standing position. One slight issue you might find is that the plastic wheels tend to degrade faster than any of the other components. They work well, to begin with, but can’t handle the weight over time. Replacing them with something a little sturdier might be in your best interest.

Notable Features

  • Handles most soft and hardwoods
  • Attachable stand makes it much more comfortable to use
  • Quick installation and setup
YARDMAX YS0552 5 Ton Electric Log Splitter, Stand, Log Tray
61 Reviews
YARDMAX YS0552 5 Ton Electric Log Splitter, Stand, Log Tray
  • Powerful, 5 Ton RAM Force to get the job done fast
  • Stand, log tray and stroke limiter included
  • Two-handed operation puts operator safety first
  • Log capacity - 20.5" in length and 10" in diameter
  • Short cylinder cycle time - 16 seconds

3. Southland Outdoor Power Equipment SELS60 6 Ton Electric Log Splitter

Southland Outdoor Power Equipment SELS60 review

The Southland Outdoor Power Equipment SELS60

Using a 1.75 HP engine, the Southland Outdoor Power Equipment log splitter delivers 6 tons of power to the ram. Like the YARDMAX, it has an 18-second cycle time, which is not below average for log splitters of its type. It has no trouble cutting woods with similar hardness to cedar, pine, and oak, but shows a little more trouble with particularly gnarled or knotted pieces of oak, which is also not uncommon for log splitters of this type.

It can effectively handle logs up to 10 inches. Though some users have noted that it can go beyond this recommended limit with some clever positioning, for safety’s sake, you should stick to the 10-inch diameter logs. However, a nice additional feature that we would like to see on more electric log splitters is the integrated stroke limiter. This is an option that can be enabled to provide a shorter stroke that can deal with smaller logs. It offers a little more precision while at the same time shortening that cycle time. If you don’t mind taking the time to cut and transport more, but shorter, logs, it can make the splitting process even more efficient.

Assembly is also incredibly quick. While others we have looked at, like the YARDMAX, can take up to 45 minutes for full assembly, there isn’t much to do with the Southland Outdoor Power Equipment splitter but fitting some wheels on. It doesn’t have a stand option, as a result, making it slightly more uncomfortable to use, but the convenience may well be worth it for you.

Notable Features

  • Minimal assembly required
  • Stroke limiter makes shorter logs a breeze
Southland Outdoor Power Equipment SELS60 6 Ton Electric Log Splitter, Red
42 Reviews
Southland Outdoor Power Equipment SELS60 6 Ton Electric Log Splitter, Red
  • Heavy duty 1.75 HP, 15 amp induction motor delivers maximum performance for the most rugged condition
  • Effortlessly does big splitting jobs with a 18-second cycle time
  • Integrated stroke limiter can adjust to a shorter stroke for smaller logs
  • 7" wheels and configuration to vertical position provides maneuverability and easy storage

4. Goplus New 1500W 6 Ton Electric Hydraulic Log Splitter

Goplus New 1500W 6 Ton Electric Hydraulic Log Splitter review

The Goplus New 1500W 6 Ton Electric Log Splitter

The first hydraulic splitter we’re looking at today, the Goplus uses 1500W of power to deliver 6 tons of force. While hydraulic splitters might be a little slower than the electric/kinetic equivalent, this also makes them significantly easier to use so they may be a better option for those who aren’t entirely confident about using a kinetic splitter.

The splitter fits logs of up to 21 inches in length and is recommend for use with logs up to 10 inches in diameter but can effectively split just about anything up to 14 inches in diameter, too, including oak. The log cradle is a good feature which helps keep logs in place so there’s less risk of displacement and uneven splits when it’s in operation. While the splitter is a little on the heavier side (as it needs to be), the handles and wheels allow you to stand it vertically to quickly transport it from place to place, making it highly portable. It is not, however, designed to split green, knotty hardwoods, which can give it something of a hard time.

The ease of use, transport, and stand-up storage makes it one of the most beginner friendly splitters on the list and ensures it doesn’t take more space than it needs to. It does require two hands to operate but this actually makes it safer as it ensures you’re never in a position to have your hands in the path of the split wood.

Notable Features

  • Vertical handles and wheels make transport easy
  • Two-handed operation ensures safety
  • Log cradle keeps logs held securely in position
Goplus 6 Ton Hydraulic Electric Log Splitter Powerful Portable Wood Cutter with Mobile Wheels, 1500W 2HP
52 Reviews
Goplus 6 Ton Hydraulic Electric Log Splitter Powerful Portable Wood Cutter with Mobile Wheels, 1500W 2HP
  • Max splitting force: 6Ton. Insulation class is class B. Waterproof Rate is IP 54. Work efficiently with 1500W power.
  • Reliability and safety are guaranteed. Durable material and stable construction ensures long-term service lifespan.
  • Fits for any place with wood-burning stove or fireplace. Ideal for usage both indoors and outdoors.
  • Two big wheels and two comfort grip handles for easy transport. Built-in log cradle keeps logs on track.
  • We offer you 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee to let you buy with confidence. We are quite sure that you will be super-impressed with durability and high quality of our product.

5. Powerhouse XM-380 Electric Hydraulic Log Splitter

Powerhouse XM-380 review

The Powerhouse XM-380 Electric Hydraulic Log Splitter

Using a 3 HP motor to deliver seven tons of power, our second hydraulic log splitter is joint first in terms of power, alongside the Boss Industrial. That effectively means that the Powerhouse is able to handle the vast majority of woods, providing the logs are the right size. In terms of size, it’s quite versatile, too. It can hold logs of up to 20 inches in length.

The manufacturer recommends using with logs up to 12 inches in diameter, which is the widest of any splitter we’ve reviewed, but the loading tray makes it difficult to try split anything wider, though some users have mentioned being able to split up to 20-inch diameter logs. It splits woods like cedar, fir, birch, and pine with very little difficulty, and can even handle knotty oaks very well.

One problem that may cause some frustration, however, is the instructions provided. The manual has a few spelling errors and lacks some necessary information, so assembly can take a little longer than necessary. However, once it’s up and running, it’s a highly effective, power splitter, able to reliably handle harder woods than the others reviewed here. A low profile makes it a little uncomfortable to use for too long, but that won’t be a problem for most people using it simply to get firewood.

Notable Features

  • Incredibly powerful, able to handle most kinds of hardwood and softwood
  • Can hold logs of up to 20 inches in length
  • Handles even knotty oaks well
Powerhouse XM-380  Electric Hydraulic Log Splitter, 7-Ton
234 Reviews
Powerhouse XM-380 Electric Hydraulic Log Splitter, 7-Ton
  • Motor 3HP, 7 Ton, 2500 Watt, 3500RPM- no running out of gas and starts every time
  • Hydraulic, and Portable Electric Log Splitter
  • Log Cutting Capacity: up to 20-1/2-inch in Length and 12-inch in Diameter
  • Ram Travel Distance: 15.7-inch
  • Net Weight: 104lbs

Electric Log Splitter Video

If you have never used an electric log splitter before, here is a short YouTube video demonstrating their use:


The best electric log splitters, as explored in the reviews above, all bring something to offer. While they’re not the most effective tools for professionals, they are perfect for the homeowner that wants an efficient means of providing their own firewood. However, choosing the right one is all about finding the log splitter that best accommodates the kind of wood you need it to handle, including hardness and thickness. Hopefully, the reviews above help you find the answer to your specific needs.